Fit and Free

the way life’s supposed to be

     Health starts from within. Your diet, physical activity levels, the quality of sleep and more all play into the delicate balance of what we call health. Think of your health like a bank account; you’re making deposits and withdraws every single day. Are your depositing or withdrawing more? Are you physically wealthy? Or is your account overdrawn or hovering too close to flat broke?

Eventually in time, after too few deposits and far too many withdraws in your not so imaginary health account, your balance is in the negative. You are broke and in debt (physically speaking). There is a breakdown in the biological processes that keep your body functioning properly, and this may ultimately lead to the development of disease if left untreated.

The good news is that it’s never too late to start increasing the balance in your health account, ensuring that you’re maximizing the your deposits and minimizing withdrawals. The result? More energy. Better performance. Shedding excess weight. Mental clarity. Feeling like a whole new person. The results are drastic and powerful.

Prioritize your health like it’s one of the most important things-because it is. Monitor your deposits and withdrawals more than you monitor your bank accounts and stock market. The quality of your life depends on the quality of your health account. Ensure your withdrawals never exceed your deposits, and for maximum return, make your deposits substantial and frequent. After all, maximum return should always be the goal.

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